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Please check the homepage for current production times.

The Contender is extremely comfortable for long term wear, built entirely by hand and fully customizable. It weighs 3-1/2 to 4 ounces and is made from 316L Stainless Steel.

To get the best fitting Contender however, YOU MUST USE TEST RINGS to determine your correct ring sizes. The only exception is if you already own a stainless steel chastity device whose rings are the same shape and thickness as the ones used on the Contender. The Contender's base ring is 1/4" thick and the its cage rings are 3/16" thick.

All rings are measured by their inside diameter.


If you do this you are guaranteed to receive an improperly fitted device, due to differences in the ring thickness or shape on other chastity devices.

Rings from plastic chastity devices, rings that are ergonomically shaped, rings thicker than 1/4", or rings that have squared edges, all fit and wear differently from the stainless steel rings used in the devices sold on this website. DO NOT USE THESE for determining your ring sizes.

Wear your test base ring for 24 hours. If it becomes uncomfortable then it is too narrow.

The cage ring width cannot be changed once a Contender's cage is made. This is because the cage is built upon its rings. I can make a cage any width, but you'll notice there are only two cage widths offered in the dropdown menu. These two sizes offered will fit approximately 90% of all men.

A cage ring should slide easily into place while wearing a base ring. If a cage ring is difficult to install while wearing a base ring, then the actual cage will also be difficult to install.

Inexpensive test rings may be purchased at...

Flaccid Length versus Cage Length:

People confuse these two terms, and use them in the same manner. But they are different. Flaccid length is the actual length of your penis, from its base to its tip. Cage length is the length of the cage portion of the device...a Contender cage will always be shorter than flaccid length, because of the gap and base ring thickness. To ensure we're both talking about the same measurement, let's communicate about "flaccid length" and not about "cage length". 

Gap: There is no good way to measure for gap, but the 3/8" gap works best for the majority of men.

Lock Styles: MCN security screw or padlock

The propietary design of the MCN security screw offers the highest degree of security in the world; you won’t find this security screw anywhere else but here. The drive socket inside the screw is made exclusively for MaleChastityNow.

When ordering an MCN security screw lock system you will receive one security screw and one key. Extra keys for emergency purposes, or to have as a spare, may be found in another section of the website.  

Choose one of the following key options:

1. MCN Key: The Standard MCN Key is a straightforward key attached to a key ring. Inert the keys tip into the screw to tighten or release the screw. The included keyring allows your keyholder to carry it with their other keys.

2. MCN Key with Security Vault: The Vaulted MCN Key is a Standard MCN Key that is locked inside a stainless steel sleeve. A numbered seal must be broken to access the key and remove it from the vault. 

This key is particularly helpful to if you need to be away from your keyholder and have to remove your device because of an unforeseen circumstance. Your keyholder records the number on the seal that locks the key inside its vault, and will know if you've cheated because the seal must be broken to remove the key from the vault.  

8 numbered seals are included with each Vaulted MCN Key. Spare seals are available in the "MCN Lock System" section of the website.

If you opt for a padlock version of a device, a "Master Lock" brand padlock model 120 is the lock of choice, but any small padlock that has a 1/8th inch wide shackle will work.

Design Limitations: There are some inherent limitations in the Contender's design. Primarily, the design works best for men whose flaccid penises are between 2 inches and 2-3/4 inches.

A Contender for flaccid lengths less than two inches will have only one ring on its cage. This is because the cage bars become so short that they don't entirely cover the glans, and the glans ends up residing in the open gap between the two cage rings, which can allow for potential illicit simulation.

Longer cages will bulge forward. Adding extra rings to cages for longer penises can compensate for bulging by angling the cage downward.

Cages for flaccid lengths between 3 inches and 3-3/4 inches will have one additional cage ring added for an additional surcharge of $75.00 for the extra ring.

Cages for flaccid lengths 4 inches and longer will have two addional cage rings. The addition of the two extra rings will add $100.00 to the final cost, for the extra work involved.

Prince Albert Option:  Leave these portions of your order form empty if you are not adding a Prince Albert attachment to your Contender.

  • Your piercing must be well-healed. Wait 2-4 months after your initial piercing, and 4-8 weeks after stretching to a larger gauge. New, smaller gauge piercings are prone to discomfort and migration.
  • Piercing Setback is the distance from your PA piercing to the tip of your penis, and the measurement is taken while flaccid. To obtain your piercing setback, take the measurement in a straight line, from the tip of the penis to the center of your piercing. The measurement should be taken while flaccid and without any jewelry in your piercing. 

The Prince Albert Pin locks solidly to the cage, and the Pin will not move when connected to the cage. The security screw used in the Prince Albert Lock is the same type of screw used to connect the cage-to-base-ring. The same key will lock and unlock both the cage and the PA Pin.


  • Five pin sizes are available...8 ga, 6 ga, 4 ga, 2 ga, and 0 ga.
  • If you need a different size pin at a later time, it is possible to order a pin that will fit your device.
  • Wider pins are not avaialable due to the limitation of the bending machine used to form a pin.

Detailed Sizing Information: 

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