Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1) By purchasing any item on this website the buyer agrees to take all responsibility for any and all use/misuse of any/every device and item purchased. Buyer agrees to hold the seller (MaleChastityNow) and it's owner free from any and all liability for use/misuse of any item purchased from MaleChastityNow, including but not limited to injury, pain, illness or damage.

2) Buyer takes full personal responsibility for any and all measurements provided to MaleChastityNow for devices made-to-order. 

3) Buyer understands purchases will ship via U.S. Post Office unless another delivery service is requested, and that insurance is available as an option. Buyer understands and agrees that MaleChastityNow will not be responsible for lost parcels that are not insured by the buyer. It is suggested that buyer purchases insurance. Upon request, MaleChastityNow will obtain a price for insurance from the U.S. Post Office. The price for insurance is dependent upon the price of your purchase. Since the amount of time for delivery is outside our control we cannot guarantee a specific day of delivery. However, the post office always provides an estimated day/date of delivery, and this is what we pass on to you. 

4) Refunds: Because of the nature of the items sold on this site no refunds will be given. However, attempts to rectify problems with any device will be implemented and may include modifying and/or repairing any device purchased. Charges may apply to repairs or modifications of devices.

5) Guarantee: If any device arrives broken it will be replaced free of charge. Buyer is to return original item to MaleChastityNow for inspection and final decision in regard to repairing, modifying or replacing the device.

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