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The Contender is our fully customizable device built by you. Every specification is customizable and the device is made entirely by hand from 316L Stainless Steel. Approximate weight is 3-1/2 to 4 ounces.

To get the best fitting device it's important that you incorporate the measuring guide provided in the link below, which includes using 'test rings' and your body (penis) to obtain measurements.

Ideally you want your penis to be in a natural, resting state inside a cage that is nearly identical to it's normal width and length.

Because too many customers received incorrectly sized Contender cages in the past, I've reduced cage width offerings to only two sizes in an attempt to help prevent you buying the wrong cage width.

The two sizes offered are representative of cage rings that will fit nearly every man. It is very important that you use test rings similar in thickness to the rings I make, to obtain the correct measurement.

I can make a cage any width, so if you need cage rings in a size other than the choices provided in the menu, contact me after you've used some test rings to determine your best cage ring width. 

Base rings are available in sizes up to 3 inches. All rings are measured by their inside diameter.

Before writing with a request for custom ring sizes please perform some "ring tests" and have your sizing information ready. We're both busy people and a few short emails are much preferred versus lengthy back-and-forth correspondence.

Lock Styles:

A padlock may be used to connect the cage to the base-ring, or you may choose a propietary high-security screw made exclusively for MaleChastityNow. 

A "Master Lock" brand padlock model 120 is the lock of choice when using a padlock, but any small padlock that has a 1/8th inch wide shackle will work.  

The design of our security screw offers the highest degree of security of any available screw in the world. You won’t find this security screw anywhere else but here.

The drive socket inside the screw is a proprietary design, made exclusively for MCN. Each high-security screw has a built-in lockwasher beneath its head. You do not need to use a lot of force to lock the screw in place because of this unique feature.

A hexagonally shaped "Bit" is used to lock secure a screw to a device. The shaped head on the front of the Bit matches the socket in the screw and may be rightfully considered a key. 

Three variations of the Hex Bit are offered for purchase:

1. Hex Bit: The first version is a plain Hex Bit. With this option you will need to provide a "driver" (tool for gripping the hexagonal surface). Fortunately there are a many, many types and designs of drivers available across the planet. The driver you choose to use will need to be able to tighten a 1/4 inch hex bit.

2. MCN Key: The second version is an MCN Key. We take a Bit and turn it into a key for you. The sleeve surrounding the Bit is made of stainless steel, and the attached key ring allows you to carry it with your other keys, as well as providing you with a place to grip the key while tightening the security screw. There's no need for a separate driver with this choice.

3. Emergency Key: This third version goes one step further, and turns a MCN Key into an Emergency Key. An outer shell is placed over an MCN key and is locked in place with a single-use security seal.

By locking an MCN Key inside the stainless steel shell, a keyholder can provide the chaste person with a tool to remove their chastity device in the event of an emergency. The lock must be destroyed to release the shell and permit access to the MCN Key. By recording the number on the single-use padlock, the keyholder will know whether the key has been released from its shell and used.

10 seals are included with each Emergency Key that is purchased, and more seals are available in the section of the website labeled "MCN Lock System." 

Every device using the MCN high-security system is sold with one screw and one of the chosen Keys or Bits. Spare Keys and Bits are available in the "MCN Lock System" section of the website.

Prince Albert Option:

Leave these portions of your order form empty if you are not adding the Prince Albert attachment to your Contender. You only need to fill out the Prince Albert choices (Piercing Setback and Pin Size) if you have a Prince Albert piercing and are purchasing this upgrade for your device.

The Prince Albert Pin locks solidly to the cage, and the Pin will not move when it is locked to the cage. The same type of security screw used on the Prince Albert lock is the same type of screw used to connect the cage-to-base-ring. The same key will lock and unlock both the cage and the PA Pin.

Piercing Setback is the distance from your PA piercing to the tip of your penis. To obtain your piercing setback, take the measurement in a straight line, from the tip of the penis to the center of your piercing. The measurement should be taken while flaccid and without any jewelry in your piercing. Five pin sizes are available...8 ga, 6 ga, 4 ga, 2 ga, and 0 ga.

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