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The Contender is competetively priced to be the least expensive, custom made chastity device on the market and is built by you to your specifications. The sizing charts are representative of the most commonly ordered ring sizes, and other ring sizes are available upon special request. 

The cage on your device will ultimately be fabricated a little shorter than the length of your flaccid penis. This is because the gap and base-ring take occupy some space. If you own other devices, obtain new measurements from your body rather than using another device to measure, otherwise your cage may be improperly sized. Further sizing suggestions may be found here...

Several options are available, including: 3 different lock styles and a Prince Albert upgrade. You only need to fill out the Prince Albert choices (Prince Albert Option & Piercing Setback) if you are adding this upgrade to your device.

There are three ways to connect the cage to the base ring. The first way to lock the device is through the use of a standard, small padlock. You can use your own or buy one from us. The second method to lock the pieces together is through the use of a security screw.

The Prince Albert Pin locks solidly into the cage, effectively turning the cage into one piece. The Pin will not move when it is locked to the cage. Also, the same type of security screw is used on both the cage-to-base-ring connection, and on the Prince Albert attachment, so the same key will lock/unlock both of these parts.

A third option is a high security system consisting of a custom made hex bolt with a thru-hole which takes a tamper evident, numbered security-seal (made of plastic and stainless steel wire.) The seal snaps on with the finality a padlock does. Much more satisfying than those thin plastic lockout tags.

The hex bolt can be used without the seal. It feels solid when installed with a hex driver and does not wiggle free. The seal verifies you haven't snuck out with a key. In a real emergency you don't need special tools to remove the seal -- just a wire cutter or pair of old scissors, and a standard 1/4 inch hex socket or 1/4 inch wrench, or even a small, adjustable wrench (none of these hand tools are included since they are standard items already in most people’s houses.)

The Contender is made entirely by hand, constructed from 316L Stainless Steel. Approximate weight is 3-1/2 to 4 ounces. Spare screws, keys and security seals may be purchased in the Accessories section. Wider base-rings are available for those who need them. 

Be sure to check out the unique Heart shaped key in the accessories section of the website. It's a wonderful gift to present to your keyholder, and it may be worn on a necklace, ankle bracelet or keychain. 

A Word of Advice on Obtaining Measurements:

Several people who've tried translating measurements from other chastity devices have all received improperly fitting Contender's. This is due to differences in the thickness & shape of other devices' rings and cages. Since the Contender is going to be worn on the body then measurements should be taken from ones body, using test rings approximately the same thickness as the Contenders. Please read "sizing chastity cages" in the Information section (located in the bottom left corner of the website) for useful tips that will help you measure for a good fit!

Prince Albert Option:

If you have a Prince Albert piercing it's possible to modify your device to include the optional PA pin. Choosing a Piercing Setback is only required if you are ordering the Prince Albert upgrade with your Contender. The PA pin locks into place via a medium security screw. This upgrade includes one key, and five pin sizes are available...8 ga, 6 ga, 4 ga, 2 ga, and 0 ga.

Piercing Setback is the distance from your PA piercing to the tip of your penis. This measurement is used for determining the optimum spot to weld the mount for the PA pin on your Contender. For 95-98% of men this measurement is normally between 3/8" and 1/2." Rarely, but in some cases, the distance from the piercing to the tip of the penis may be between 5/8" and 3/4." The measurement should be taken while flaccid and without any jewelry in the piercing.

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