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The devices offered here are so comfortable that you may want to wear yours indefinitely. However, you must do your part and learn what your correct ring sizes are by using inexpensive test rings to determine the best fitting rings. This is one of those times where you'll actually go faster by beginning slowly.

The Contender is completely custom sized by you, but also offered are several, semi-customizeable chastity devices. The line of less expensive devices offer great choices for those new to male chastity, and for people testing a metal device prior to committing to a fully custom made device.


The only exception to this is if you have a steel device whose rings are similar in shape and thickness to the rings I make (1/4 inch thick base ring and 3/16 inch thick cage rings).

Rings from plastic chastity devices, rings that are ergonomically shaped, rings thicker than 1/4", or rings that have squared edges, will all fit and wear differently from the smooth round rings used on the stainless steel devices sold on this website. If you use any of the rings mentioned above, you will receive an improperly fitted device, due to differences in thickness or shape of those rings.

Every man's genitals are unique in their sensitivity, and the best way to get a properly fitted device is to rely on the feelings and sensations that your body provides while using test rings. To receive a device that can be worn comfortably for long periods of time, you must USE ROUND TEST RINGS to determine your correct ring size. Test rings need to be between 3/16" and 1/4" thick.

The correct size base-ring is the one you can wear for one to two days without experiencing any discomfort. Trust your body's response, and rely on the feeling your body provides. If you experience any discomfort then the base ring is too narrow.

While wearing your base-ring, slip a narrower, cage-ring around your penis. It will provide excellent visual feedback, showing you how your penis will appear inside a cage. The cage-ring should slip easily over your penis. If it's a tight fit then the cage on your device is also going to be difficult to slide into place.

There is no good way to measure for gap, but the 3/8" gap works best for the majority of men.

A more fully detailed measuring guide is located at...http://

The company in the following link sells affordable test-rings in the same exact widths as the rings I make...

For those who may need it, here is a useful tool for converting millimeter's into inches...http://

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