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Welcome to our website. If you are looking for a quality, hand-crafted chastity device for comfortable long term wear, consider that we offer you:

* Fast turnaround: receive your device normally within one week of placing your order!
* We accept returns for adjustment or modification
* No communication barrier
* High quality 316L stainless steel sourced in the U.S.
* Our devices are proudly made in the USA
* Exemplary customer service
* In business since 2006 (18 years)

Only three measurements are needed to fabricate your device...Flaccid Length, Base Ring Diameter, and Cage Ring Diameter.

I suggest using the following method to obtain your measurements because it has produced the best results for my customer's to date. All rings are measured by their inside diameter.

Flaccid length:

* Flaccid length is measured from the mons pubis to the tip of the penis.
* It's easier to see the measurement when taken from the top.
* Use a solid ruler and not a flexible tape.  
* Make sure the ruler only rests lightly against the mons and is not pressed into it.

Base-Ring and Cage-Ring diameters:

* Test rings work best because they decrease the chances for error using any other method.
* Test rings also provide visual feedback; you can see what your penis is going to look like inside an actual cage made to the chosen ring size.
‚Äč* Test rings allow you to feel what the size worn is going to feel like when you become aroused.
* A test ring worn as a base ring should remain comfortable for 24-48 hours. If it becomes uncomfortable then it's too tight.
* Test rings can be made of metal or rubber. Ideally, they should be between 3/16" and 1/4" thick.
* Good local sources for test rings include hardware stores (sold as rubber seals for plumbing drain applications), Tack shops (hardware for horses, usually steel rings sold for harnesses, etc.), and marine hardware stores.
* I don't know of any online stores outside the U.S. that sell test rings.
* The online store in the U.S. I recommend for buying test rings is:

PayPal won't notify you after you have paid for your order and checked out, but you can be assured that your order has been received and will be fabricated soon.

Thank you for checking us out. We look very forward to serving you...Sincerely, Mark Z (owner)

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