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The devices offered here are so comfortable that you may want to wear yours indefinitely. However, you must do your part to find what your correct ring sizes are by using inexpensive test rings. This is one of those times where you'll actually go faster by beginning slowly.

The Contender is completely custom sized by you, but also offered are several, semi-customizable chastity devices. The line of less expensive chastity cages offer great choices for those new to male chastity, and for people testing metal devices prior to committing to a fully custom made device.

The information posted below is the result of 1000's of email conversations between myself and my customer's since opening for business in 2006, and the suggestions are essentially my response to questions I've been asked repeatedly through the years.

Because the sensitivity of every man's genitals is different, I have no way of determining how well (or poorly) different parameters will affect an individual. Mostly, such things can't be known until your body has had a chance to provide feedback.

Wherever possible, general suggestions have been made to help choose things like gap and base ring shape. Once your body has had time to respond, adjustments may still be necessary to fine-tune a device for long term, comfortable wear. This wouldn't be the case if every man's body had the same amount and distribution of sensitive nerve endings in his genitalia.

Two things I do not advocate are cage stuffing and double base-rings. Cage stuffing is when your penis is squeezed into a cage shorter than your flaccid length. I say this because some men find it painful to wear a device that's too short. In my opinion, cage stuffing is best left to those who are experienced and who are looking to fine tune their next purchase. Because the penis is naturally lengthening and shortening throughout the day, I feel a 1/4" difference is acceptable, but don't recommend anything beyond this.

I can make double base-ring's but don't advocate for them because they don't work well for everyone. This statement is based on feedback I've received through the years. And once again, whether one will work well and remain comfortable for long term wear can't be known until their body has had a chance to provide feedback.

A double base-ring will also pull your entire "package" more tightly together, making it more plump than what it may normally be; a double base-ring also adds another ΒΌ inch of thickness to a device. These two factors may affect the way the cage portion fits and wears.

Unless a person has experience wearing a double base ring, what I suggest is using a separate cock ring, worn behind a single base-ring. This creates a double-ring that provides more options. One can wear a single ring or a double ring, and the cock ring can also be switched out with different sized rings thereby making a double ring with variable, incrementally sized rings.

Flaccid Length versus Cage Length:

People confuse these two terms, and use them in the same manner. But they are different. Flaccid length is the actual length of your penis, from its base to its tip. Cage length is the length of the cage portion of the device...a cage will always be shorter than flaccid length, because of the gap and base ring thickness. To ensure we're both talking about the same measurement, let's communicate about "flaccid length" and not about "cage length". 


The only exception to this is if you have a steel device whose rings are similar in shape and thickness to the rings I make (1/4 inch thick base ring and 3/16 inch thick cage rings).

Rings from plastic chastity devices, rings that are ergonomically shaped, rings thicker than 1/4", or rings that have squared edges, will all fit and wear differently from the smooth round rings used on the stainless steel devices sold on this website. If you use any of the rings mentioned above, you will receive an improperly fitted device, due to differences in thickness or shape of those rings.

To receive a device that can be worn comfortably for long periods of time, you must USE ROUND TEST RINGS to determine your correct ring size.

The company in the following link sells affordable test-rings in the same exact widths as the rings I make...

Every man's genitals are unique in their sensitivity, and the best way to get a properly fitted device is to rely on the feelings and sensations that your body provides while using test rings. Test rings need to be between 3/16" and 1/4" thick.

Base Rings:

The correct size base-ring is the one you can wear for one to two days without experiencing any discomfort. Trust your body's response, and rely on the feeling your body provides. If you experience any discomfort then the base ring is too narrow.

While wearing your base-ring, slip a narrower, cage-ring around your penis. It will provide excellent visual feedback, showing you how your penis will appear inside a cage. The cage-ring should slip easily over your penis. If it's a tight fit then the cage on your device is also going to be difficult to slide into place.

All base-rings and cages are interchangeable. If you buy one device and want to use a different cage with your base-ring at a later time, then you only need to buy the cage you want.

Round versus Oval Base-Rings:

The base ring shape that will be most comfortable for you can't be known until you have worn the ring and your body has had a chance to provide feedback. If in doubt it's safest to just order a base ring that is the same width as the most comfortable test ring you've been able to wear for one to two days without experiencing discomfort.
Oval rings are made from a round ring of the size ordered. The ring is squeezed in a vise and its top-to-bottom measurement decreases by 1/16", which simultaneously widens the side-to-side measurement by 1/16". Some men find an oval ring more comfortable whereas others prefer a round ring. 
If you have a bench vise at home it's a simple matter to clamp the ring between two wood blocks (to prevent marring the ring) and squeezing the ring to change its shape.


There is no good way to measure for gap, but the 3/8" gap works best for the majority of men.

Measuring Flaccid Length:

The important point to note when measuring is to let the ruler rest lightly against the flesh. Be sure the ruler is not pressed into the flesh. If pressed into the flesh your measurement will be longer than it should be, resulting in a device that's longer than it needs to be.

I feel there's less chance for error if measured from the's easier to see if you're pressing the ruler into the flesh if you measure from the top (pubic mound/pelvic bone area) as opposed to measuring from below, where the testicles meet the penis.

A more fully detailed measuring guide is located at...

For those who may need it, here is a useful tool for converting millimeters into inches...

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