MCN Lock System

MCN Lock System

The security screws and keys in this section will work with all previously ordered chastity devices, including the Contender, Amicus, Adaptus, Oculis, Doghead, Flowertop, Glans Armor2 , Kali's Teeth Bracelet, and the Contender with Prince Albert Attachment. The only device the new screws won't work with is the MouseTrap.

The screws and keys are made exclusively for MaleChastityNow and not available anywhere but here. The shape of the lobes inside a security screws socket are proprietary, meaning we own the design. These new, high security screws have replaced our outdated medium-security screw system. 

The key fits into the screw socket in one direction only. The socket is small, and tight. One lobe is longer than the others, and it matches with the longest lobe on the key. 

Two key designs are available: there is the "Standard MCN Key" and the "MCN Key with Security Vault." These are two different keys. When you place your order you choose one of the two designs. If you need spare keys they are available in this section or in the "Shop". 

The pattern inside the head of this screw offers the highest degree of security of any screw anywhere in the world. Its socket is asymmetrical and its lobes uneven, due to the different shapes in the keyway.

Some areas of the socket are more tightly closed than other areas...not even a pin can be pressed into these areas.  An additional feature is found under the head of the screw, which has a built-in locking design. 

The screws are threaded in a standard American size developed by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers – a standards developing organization for engineering professionals in various industries).

The screw width is #8, and the screws are threaded at 32 threads per inch. The screws are made of 302 stainless steel.

The same screw is used on the cage-to-basering connection, and also on the Prince Albert Lock. The cage screw is 3/8 inches long and the Prince Albert screw is 5/8 inches long. The same key is used to secure both of these connections.

All the items on this page will work with devices sold prior to the implementation of this high-security setup, so If you have an older device that uses the old style screws and wish to upgrade its lock system, then know the pieces offered here will work with your previously purchased MCN chastity device.

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