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The MouseTrap requires a Prince Albert piercing and is custom made to fit. The tube has a brushed finish and the hook is highly polished. The hook is locked to the tube via a high-security screw which utilizes a special key. The screw has a raised "pin" in it's socket and requires a special key having a "hole" in it's head in order to access the screw. A regular key won't access the slot in the screw.

You build your device using the following parameters:

1) Tube Length - The tube length is measured from the bottom, long edge of the device.
2) Tube Inner Diameter - The tube i.d. is chosen according to the size of your penis width when aroused.
3) Pin Diameter - Piercing gauge of your Prince Albert...available pin sizes are 4 ga, 2 ga. or 0 ga.
4) Piercing Setback - Is the distance from your PA piercing to the tip of your penis  - this determines where the mounting hole for the hook will be located in the tube. For 95-98% of men this measurement is normally between 3/8" and 1/2." Rarely, but in some cases, the distance from the piercing to the tip of the penis may be between 5/8" and 3/4." This measurement should be taken without any jewelry in your piercing.

Tube Length: Your piercing will carry the weight of the device. A shorter tube will weigh less than a longer tube, and will therefore place less stress on your piercing.

If tube length ends up being longer than your normal, flaccid length, then your penis will be perpetually stretched. Your piercing will carry the intensity of the stretch and the device will eventually become too painful to continue wearing. Ideally, the tube length should be a bit shorter than your average flaccid length.

A 2-3/4 inch long tube with a 1-1/2 inch inner diameter weighs 3 ounces. A narrower diameter tube will weigh a little less, whereas a longer tube will weigh more. 

The 2-3/4" tube as measured along its bottom, long edge will have a top edge that is 1-1/2 inches long, covering the glans and a length of the penis shaft behind it.

Tube Inner Diameter: The inner diameter of the tube will dicate whether the device is punishing, or whether it will be mildly compressive and only slightly uncomfortable when you become aroused.

A good starting point is to take a measurement when erect, then determine the amount of compression accordingly, based on whether you consider your pain threshold low, moderate or high. Of course, pain tolerance varies among individuals, so use this suggestion only as a starting point to build your device.

The stainless steel tube of the MouseTrap fits and wears differntly than the plastic PA-5000, so in the event you have one and are using it to convert your tube width know that this doesn't work.

The thickness of the PA-5000's plastic tube is much thicker than the thin wall of a MouseTrap's stainless steel tube. The difference in thickness doesn't allow the width measurement to convert. Also, the solid structure of the MouseTrap's stainless steel tube turns out to be more restricting and confining than the plastic tube, which also makes the MouseTrap more punishing than the PA-5000. It simply fits, and feels, and wears very differently than the plastic device.

Pin Diameter: Unfortunately, hooks smaller than 4 gauge are not offered because the diameter of the smallest security screw available is equal to the diameter of a 6 gauge hook. There's simply not enough material in the wall of the hook to support the screw!

Spare keys and screws are available in the Accessories section.



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