Glans Armor no Piercing

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Glans Armor no Piercing

This Glans Armor does not require the user to have a Prince Albert Piercing. To wear this cage, you install the rubber ring of your chosen size onto your penis, behind the glans. Then you slide your penis inside the cage and lock the glans ring to the cage with the MCN security screw.

The rubber glans ring does not need to be a lot narrower than your flaccid penis width to be effective, because it snugs-up against the upper part of the glans and stays engaged when worn. As the ring settles in, it is not going to slip or allow an unintended pullout.

Because the ring conforms to the natural curves of the penis it is very comfortable. Due to its flexibility, the ring develops a roughly oval shape, with the upper part of the ring becoming wider than the lower part that is connected to the retaining ring.

The ring also follows the natural angle of the glans. The top of the ring will be tilted toward the back of the cage, whereas the lower, connected end of the ring will be angled toward the front of the cage.

The glans ring is 5/32 inch thick (4mm) and is measured by its inside diameter. The ring ring is available in endless sizes and the best way to determine what size will work best for you is to use an inexpensive test ring to slide onto your penis and behind the glans.

The following company sells test rings:

Determining cage length, cage width, and glans ring setback:

The rubber ring moves freely and is able to swing in a forward and backward direction, as shown in the images. It will naturally situate itself at an angle on your penis that is the same angle as your glans. The top of the ring will grip the shaft of your penis directly behind your glans, and the bottom of the ring will locate itself where the bottom of your glans meets the shaft of your penis.

Setback is the distance between the lock cylinders and the inside cage bars. The measurement is taken in a straight line, and the average setback measurement most men choose is between 1/2 and 3/4 inches. 

If the lock cylinders are far from the front of the cage then there will be some space between the tip of your penis and the front cage bars when you wear the device. Some space is okay and will not affect wear or comfort. It's just someting to be be aware of. 

The cage length you would like is based on how much coverage you want on the shaft of your penis. The important thing is to be sure to make the cage of your device shorter than your flaccid penis length, to prevent putting stress on the glans ring, which will create irritation and discomfort after some time has passed. 

I'm only offering the cage in the two most common cage diameters that work the best for the majority of men. However, I can make you a custom cage width any size. If you determine you need a different size after experimenting with your test rings, just contact me with your special request. There's no extra charge for custom sized rings. 

Lock Styles: MCN Standard Security Key or Vaulted Security Key with Seals

The proprietary design of the MCN security screw offers a very high degree of security. You won't find this security screw anywhere but here. The design inside the drive socket of the screw is made exclusively for MaleChastityNow.

When ordering a Glans Armor you will receive one security screw and one key. Extra keys for emergency purposes, or to have a spare are available.

Choose one of the following key options:

1. Standard MCN Key: The Standard key is plain key attached to a key ring. Insert the keys tip into the screw to tighten or release the scew. The tip inserts into the screw in only one orientation. The included keyring allows your keyholder to carry the MCN key with their other keys.

2. MCN Key with Security Vault: The Vaulted MCN Key is a Standard Key that may be locked inside a stainless steel sleeve. A single-use, numbered seal must be broken to access the key and remove it from the vault.

This key is particulary helpful if you need to be away from your keyholder and have to remove your device because of an unforeseen circumstance. Your keyholder records the number on the seal that locks the key inside its vault, and will know if you have cheated becauses the seal must be broken to remove the key from the vault.

8 numbered seals are included with each Vaulted MCN Key, and spare seals are available for purchase.

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