Glans Armor 2

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Glans Armor 2

The Glans Armor 2 is a "cage only" device, held in place by the Prince Albert piercing jewelry. If you don't have a PA piercing it won't work for you. Being locked by one's piercing makes it impossible to pull out of the cage without removing the PA Hook that holds it in place.

Device weight is important when considering options for a "tube only" or "cage only" Prince Albert chastity design, because a Prince Albert piercing may carry the weight of a device. Heavy devices may cause a piercing to stretch or migrate, or even tear in a worst case scenario.

The Glans Armor weighs approximately 1-1/2 ounces, all while being made entirely of stainless steel! 

The beauty of the 'Glans Armor 2 is that it can be made any length, though the important point is to make the cage length shorter than one's flaccid length in order to avoid putting the penis in a state of constant stretching. A constant stretch will put stress on the piercing and the device will soon become too painful to continue wearing.

You build your Glans Armor using the following parameters:

1) Cage Ring - The inner diameter of the cage ring will determine how much compression is experienced when you become aroused. In general, a ring diameter approximately 1/4" narrower than the width of the erect penis will create enough compression to remind one that arousal is forbidden.

2) Cage Length - The cage is measured from the back of the cage ring to the tip of the inside bars (please see the last photo for an image of cage length).

The cage can be made any length you wish. Remember not to make it longer than your flaccid penis length, otherwise a perpetual stretch will be placed on your piercing, making the device uncomfortable.

If you wish to cover only your glans, then measure the length your glans, and add 3/8" to that length.  

3) Hook Diameter - Available pin sizes are 8 gauge, 6 gauge, 4 gauge, 2 gauge or 0 gauge.

4) Piercing Setback - Is the distance between your PA piercing and the tip of your penis. This measurement determines where the mount will be attached inside the cage. Take the measurement without any jewelry in your piercing.

5) Lock Style - Every Glans Armor 2 is sold with one high-security screw, and an MCN Key.

The design of our security screw offers the highest degree of security of any available screw in the world. You won’t find this security screw anywhere else but here. The drive socket inside the screw is a proprietary design, owned-by and made exclusively for MCN.

MCN Key with Security Vault:  The MCN Key with security vault turns the standard MCN Key into and Emergency Key. An outer shell is placed over an MCN key and is locked in place with a single-use security seal. 8 seals are included with each Emergency Key that is purchased, and more seals are available in the section of the website labeled "MCN Lock System."

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