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The DogHead is one of our more budget-friendly chastity devices whose cage is pre-made. It's concentrially shaped cap will fully enclose the head of your penis, while maintaining a device that remains open enough to easily clean yourself while wearing this cage. 

The inside diameter of the cage is 1-1/4 inches wide (31.75mm) and because the cage is pre-made it's width is not adjustable. Cage length is adjustable however, and you build a device that will fit you by additionally choosing a base-ring size and shape, gap length, and preferred lock style. 

Three cage lengths are offered. Note that the sizes offered are for your flaccid length, and do take into account the base ring thickness and gap. 

The DogHead is made of Stainless Steel and is brightly polished. A Prince Albert adaptation is not available for this cage because it's cap is not long enough for the attachment to be installed.

Lock Styles:

A padlock may be used to connect the cage to the base-ring, and a "Master Lock" brand padlock (model 120) is the lock of choice, but any small padlock that has a 1/8th inch wide shackle will work.

If you wish a higher level of security you may choose the propietary high-security screw made exclusively for MaleChastityNow. The design of this security screw offers the highest degree of security of any available screw in the world. You won’t find this security screw anywhere else but here. The drive socket inside the screw is a proprietary design, made exclusively for MCN. 

Two differernt key designs are available for purchase:

1. The first version is an MCN Key. The attached key ring allows you to carry it with your other keys, as well as providing you a place to grip the key while tightening the security screw.

2. The second version turns the MCN Key mentioned above into and Emergency Key. If you need to be away from your keyholder and have to remove your device due to an emergency, this key will allow you to do that.

An outer shell is placed over an MCN key and is locked in place with a single-use security seal. Your keyholder records the numbers on the seal that locks your key inside its sleeve, and will know if you've cheated because the plastic seal must be broken to remove the key from its shell.  

Every device using the MCN high-security system is sold with one screw and one of the chosen Keys. 10 seals are included with each Emergency Key that is purchased. Spare Keys, Security Screws, and Seals are available in the the section of the website labeled "MCN Lock System."

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