Sizing Chastity Cages

The most comfortable chastity devices to wear for extended periods of time are those in which there is no room to grow in either length or width.

To build a device that’s comfortable for long term wear, three measurements are needed: flaccid penis length, cage diameter, and base ring size.

Please note that all our ring sizes are measured by their inside diameter.

First Things First

I really really really want you to receive a properly fitting device the first time you order…I REALLY do!

The absolute BEST WAY to determine your correct ring sizes is to use TEST RINGS.

I suggest using test rings, both for the base-ring AND for the penis.

The Base Ring

There's no way to measure for a base ring other than by wearing a test ring. A base ring should never hurt, and comfort won’t last long if you don’t have the right size base ring.

Your body will know almost immediately whether a base ring is the correct size. It's good to wear a base ring for a day or two, to learn how the device will ultimately feel on your body.

If you can wear a base ring for a couple days without experiencing any discomfort, then you’re well on your way to building a device that will be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Cage Ring Diameter

A test ring on your penis will provide very good visual feedback regarding what your penis will look like inside the Contender's cage.

If a cage is too narrow in diameter it will be difficult to put the cage on, and skin will poke through the bars and overflow. This sort of situation also creates spots where skin can get pinched or rub, causing irritation.

Too wide a cage allows too much expansion when your penis tries to get hard, and the penis may not fill the cage.

Find a ring size that easily slips onto the flaccid penis, using that rings diameter to narrow your choice in choosing the cage width.

Flaccid Penis Length

A simple and effective way to obtain your flaccid penis length is to use a paper tube --- something like an empty tube from a toilet paper roll, or an empty tube from a roll of paper towels will work well. 

Be sure to use a tube that is wide enough to easily slide over your penis.

Put your penis inside the tube and measure from base to tip, using a pen to mark the spot where the tip of the penis is. 

Be sure not to press the tube into the soft flesh at the base, or you will obtain an incorrect measurement. The tube should just lightly touch the flesh at the base of your penis. 

Then cut the tube at the pen mark, and placing your flaccid penis inside the tube again, checking to see where the tip of the penis is inside the tube. The tip of your penis should be resting at the edge of the tube. This is your flaccid penis length.

Where to buy Test Rings

I suggest buying a minimum of three base-rings AND three cage-rings in the sizes closest to what you think you need.

If you take the time to perform these tests then you stand a very good chance of getting a well fitting device on your first try. If the gap turns out to be the incorrect size it can be adjusted later, fine tuning the device so it remains comfortable for long term wear.

Male-Essentials sells test rings in the exact same sizes I make. Click on the following link to buy test rings:

A Note Regarding Cage Length: Your cage will ultimately be fabricated a little shorter than your flaccid penis length. This is because the gap and base-ring take up space. I subtract gap and base-ring thickness from the overall penis length to determine the cage length. By doing this, your penis ends up lightly touching the front bars of the cage. Simply fill in your flaccid length on the order form, and I will fabricate your chastity device accordingly.

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