Sizing Kali's Teeth Bracelet's

1) Kali's Teeth Bracelet's: Ideally, the metal band on your Kali's Teeth Bracelet should be equal-to or only 1/8" narrower than the width of your erect penis. If the metal band is too narrow the device will be unbearably tight and extremely painful when you become aroused. 

Therefore, begin building a KTB that will be personalized to fit your body by choosing a band of the appropriate width. A band 1/8" smaller in diameter than the width of your erect penis is acceptable, but a band 1/4" smaller than your erect penis will be too tight.

 A simple method that has proven very successful for taking a measuremet is laying a ruler across the shaft of your erect penis and eyeballing the width.

If your erect penis width is outside the parameter's of the provided options then you will need a specially sized band. In this case please contact us and we'll be happy to fabricate your custom request.

After choosing a band width you can then decide on a level of intensity for your KTB. The level of intensity is determined by the length of the teeth. Three levels of intensity are available: Mild, Intense, or Severe.

The mild teeth are 1/2" long; The intense teeth are 5/8" long; and the severe teeth are 3/4" long.

To determine how much "bite" the inner diameter of teeth will be on your KTB, use the following formula:

Band Width - Teeth Length = Inner Diameter of Teeth.

For example, if Band Width is 1-1/2", and Teeth Length is 1/2", then: 

1-1/2" - 1/2" = 1 inch Inner Diameter of Teeth

The mild version is meant for 24/7 wear. The intense is meant to be a training device and for expanding limits, and the severe a punishment device for short term use. However, since pain tolerance can vary widely between individuals, what may be intense for you can be mild for another person. Therefore, these guidelines are meant as a general basepoint from which to begin. In the event you order incorrect teeth size you can have your KTB re-lined for a small fee. Metal band width cannot be resized once a device is made.

2) Cock Ring Sizing: Some of our devices use cock rings and you will find options for choosing a ring size on the page of the item you are ordering. If you don't have a clear idea what size ring you need, an inexpensive and easy way to test is to obtain some rubber O-rings from your local hardware store. These rings are sold in various, appropriate sizes and can be found in the plumbing department, sold as "seals" for drain applications.

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