Measuring for a Chastity Device

Q: What is the best way for me to measure to get a properly fitting device?

A: Anything you read about measuring for a device is the author’s opinion and suggestions. Because something has worked for one person doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.

The best feedback system in all of this is your body. Every penis is different in sensitivity and the best way to get a properly fitting device is to rely on the feelings and sensations that your body provides.

Only three measurements are required to make a custom fitted device...base-ring width, cage-ring width and flaccid length. If you get these right then chances are very good that you'll create a device that won't need further adjustments.

Test rings: 

By using test rings that are the same thickness and shape as the rings I make, your body will provide the best feedback possible, because you will be making your decisions based on the way your body feels, and those feelings will transfer to an MCN device.

If you use test rings that are different in shape and thickness from the rings I make, then the chances are high that you will receive a poorly fitting device.

In order to obtain measurements, you have to invest in some inexpensive test rings. I suggest buying two or maybe even three base-rings. I also suggest that you buy some smaller rings to test for cage width.

The correct size base-ring is the one you can wear for one to two days without experiencing any discomfort. Trust your body wisdom, and rely on the sensory feedback your body provides. If you experience any discomfort then the ring is too narrow.

While wearing your base-ring, slip a narrower, cage-ring around your penis. It will provide excellent visual feedback, showing you how your penis will appear inside a cage. The cage-ring should slip on easily and have a little space inside it. Up to a 1/8 inch (3mm) gap between your penis and cage ring is acceptable.

Cage Length:

Ideally, the cage length is sized so that your entire penis is comfortable in a "resting" position filling the cage, not too long or too short, but just right. When the tip of the penis rests lightly against the front bars of the cage, you will be able to become aroused inside the device while avoiding discomfort to the penis itself. If there’s almost no room at all for the penis to get erect, then the device won’t hurt.

1. Possibly the most common way to measure flaccid length is by taking a measurement using a ruler. Be sure NOT to press the ruler into the soft flesh at the base of your penis...this is important, because doing so will make a cage that is too long. The ruler should lightly rest against the flesh at the base of the penis, and it's easier to see the end of the ruler when it's on top of the penis than it is to see it underneath the penis.

2. Another way to measure flaccid length is to use a paper tube. Using an empty paper tube (say from a roll of toilet paper, or paper towels) put your penis inside the tube.

Again, it is very important to not press the tube into the soft flesh as the base of your penis. Make a mark where you penis terminates inside the tube. Remove your penis and cut off the extra amount of tubing. Put the tube onto your penis again to test the fit. If it's good then measure the tube's length. This your flaccid length. 

Where to buy test rings:

This is one of those times where you'll proceed more quickly if you begin slowly, and the company in the following link sells affordable test-rings in the exact same sizes as the rings I make...


There is no good way to measure for gap, but the 3/8" gap works best for the majority of men. Gap adjustments, if needed at a later time, are only pay the cost of return shipping. If you're handy and have a bench vise at home, instructions showing how to adjust gap can be emailed to you.

Modifications and Changes:

1 - What CAN'T be changed: Since all cages are built upon their rings, a cage ring's width cannot be changed.

2 - What CAN be changed:

A) A Contender's cage length can be adjusted. All other cages on the website are pre-made and cannot be adjusted. 

B) The gap on any device can be adjusted. 

The sizing information provided in this document are suggestions. Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for all measurements provided. Adjustments and modifications are available for a fee in the event corrections are required to fine tune your purchase. Since the jewelry on this website is custom made from raw materials all sales are final.

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